November 22nd, 2010

anderson writer

Weekend stuff....

Laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Up and down the freakin' stairs. Clothing in plastic bags. A zipped plastic thingie to go on the Futon Mattress. So yes, we're still in the process of eradicating the itchies. Hubby is finally taking things seriously enough to cover each of the couch pillows in black plastic bags.


Hubby has discovered a style of knitting called "mobius" and I've been informed that he's making me a shrug using it. I'm not clear on why exactly I need a shrug, but whatever. He made a nice cowl for Regina yesterday and was able to finish it before we said good-bye to Regina and Julie. We went out to din-din at Home with them and two other friends. If you ever come to San Francisco...never mind the flowers in your hair, just go to Home and order the Mac & Cheese. IT'S AMAZING



Got my assignment and actually dashed off the first few paragraphs. I'm feeling pretty upbeat about this one, and even letting myself dream of comments and recs again. If nothing else, this one will be considerably more up-beat than the fics I've produced over the last few Yuletides.


Netflix FINALLY got the 2nd Season of Lie to Me, so we knocked off the first disc of that, which included, in two consecutive episodes, appearances by James Marsters and Marc Blucas. Took me a while to recognize the latter in a rather rakish goatee.

Saturday night we did the next disc of Buffy. OH GOD I HATE DAWN!!!! And I continue to be bored and annoyed by Riley. Dear, merciful Joss....bring on the Spike/Buffy already. (Yes, I realize that has unfortunate implications and character derailment galore, but at least it's gotta more interesting than this crap.)


RAIN! Pouring rain on Saturday night. Including thunder and lightning, which is always a bit of a shock. Especially since I was actually out in it, on a mission to buy towels, which Walgreen's isn't stocking right now. Don't ask.


Looking forward to Thanksgiving, mostly for more time off. The whole turkey/family thing isn't happening. I'll get a chicken and hubby and I will hang out at home and watch more TV. If that's not something to be grateful for, I don't know what is.
Peter Burke

"The Melody Lingers On" White Collar Drabble June-centric

Title: The Melody Lingers On
Prompt: #21-Loan
Author: karaokegal
Rating: G
Characters: June (mention of others)
Word count: 100
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for the Pilot.
Summary: June would loan Neal almost anything.
Notes: My first drabble for this community. Unbeta'd. Concrit and comments welcome.

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