January 11th, 2011

STFU Ianto

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Day 11: What is your dream pairing?

Jack Harkness/Gwen Cooper-Torchwood

Preferably with very graphic sex that implies a helluva lot more than a poorly performed hand-job and includes the words "I love you" from Jack. Not necessarily because I think he does (although I'm pretty sure he thinks he does) or that it would ever really work out (it won't), but just to hear the lamentations of the Gwen-haters and Coffee-baggers. And because it's what should have happened all along before being derailed by some very poor judgement on the part of RTD et al.
anderson writer

Gaga Ooh-la-la! Want your bad PIMP POST!

Hawaii 5-0 (2010)

Hau`oli la ho`omana`o by my_young_friend.


Fic for the new series written for Yuletide. Lots of fun in turning old tropes on their heads and getting to some very hot and nicely realistic sex as well. Steve and Danny go undercover as a couple. Hilarity and smut ensue.

Sherlock Holmes

Poor Disguises by lefaym

I've been catching up on ALL of lefaym's Sherlock Holmes fic, which is wonderfully angsty and hot and full of delicious Victorian repression. This one is mostly PWP, but the guilt and self-loathing make me do the happy dance.

White Collar

Chance Meeting by florahart.

OK, it's actually a White Collar/Peanuts crossover written for the Walks Into A Bar Ficathon

Charlie Brown meets Elizabeth Burke. No really. It's awesome. You should read it. Immediately.

Breaking the Barrier by hllangel.
Smoking hot, slightly angsty Neal/El with very happy ending and implied Peter/Neal/El on the horizon.

Picturing The Future by photoash

An awesome Neal/Peter/El OT3 story that really takes a cold, hard look at Neal/Kate and Neal/Mozzie and isn't afraid to deal with the reality of incorporating Neal into the Peter/El relationship. I especially love the idea that there could be a disconnect between sexual styles instead of the usual fic where everything's perfect the first time they all jump into bed together. I really love the main conceit of Neal taking his drawings to Kate's grave to talk to her and learn to let go. Really well done.


Passing on some J/I recs that I liked a lot. Do NOT expect anything that in any way validates or gives emotional credence to the so called canon "relationship."

They Who Sit In Darkness by valancy_joy. Recced by alba17

Good post-Cyberwoman fic, where Ianto is mostly about revenge and Jack is only about the Doctor.

The Mock Turtle's Story by rexluscus.

OH. MY. GOD! Recced by beta_goddess and for a few pages there, I thought she'd lost her mind. Post CoE-AU where Ianto doesn't die, but does track down Jack. And then...and then...the greatest scene of Jack calling out Ianto on all his emotional, clinging, whining, possessive, self-deceiving BS that I have ever read. I BOW to this scene. All real!Jack believers should go and read this fic immediately and then join me in a real!Jack happy dance.

It has some great scenes after that including a Gwen/Ianto H/C attempt gone awry which makes clear how strong Gwen is compared to Ianto. I can even appreciate the modicum of strength Ianto seems to gain along the way because it's very clear that he finally understands the reality of what he and Jack never were.

Seriously. I wish I hadn't waited so long to read it. The moral here is always trust your beta_goddess. She will not lead you astray.