June 10th, 2011

Time for an "I hate my job" post.

I've been requested to come up with the following:

Ticket prices from all offices to LAX and
from all offices to SAN
I need to price out the difference to both LAX/SAN on two different weekends:

Arrival- February 8
Departure- February 11


Arrival- February 29
Departure- March 3

Please provide the number of non-stop and 1 stop flights to LAX/SAN and the corresponding prices.

This is complete and utter bull-shit because this far in advance there aren't going to be any major differences between the two dates and most of the discounts won't be in the system yet. Also, Virgin America and Southwest don't even list flights this far out.

Did I mention that for each city pair and each date she wants nonrefundable coach, unrestricted coach, nonrefundable business class and unrestricted business class.

And there are 10 offices to go through.

(At least I can leave out LA, Century City and Newport Beach.)

This is incredibly time-consuming and stupid and there's absolutely NO WAY OUT!

"Locked Inside Your Prison" Bones/House MD crossover drabble

Title: Locked Inside Your Prison
Fandoms: Bones/House MD
Characters: Gordon Wyatt, Greg House, James Wilson
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Drabble-a-Day 2011. Day 161. Happy Birthday littlemaniac. Inspired by This picture. Beta'd by evila_elf. Comments and concrit welcome.
Summary: Gordon gets back in the game.

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