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January 17th, 2012

When fandoms collide!

Benedict Cumberbatch as Hugh Laurie's son in Fortysomething. (2003)

Thanks to lilithisbitter for bringing this to my attention and hllangel for making the screencap. I watched the show a few years ago as part of a "Must see everything Hugh Laurie has ever been in" mission, but who knew the kid would grow up to be Sherlock Holmes?

Occupy Wall Street West

Protest at Wells Fargo at 16th & Mission in San Francisco. Pictures taken on January 14, 2012.
Lots of pictures behind the cutCollapse )

Fun with electricity...

So there I was wasting time playing Bejeweled and arguing with myself about watching the new episode of White Collar. I do want to see it to find out what happens, but I'm dreading the emotional manipulation, schmoop, ship-teasing (even if it's OT3 ship-teasing) and knowing that I'm not going to get what I want out of the episode, because what I want is what pretty much only I want.

It's been really cold in the apartment lately and I had a gas heater plugged in to warm things up a bit. I heard a sizzly sound and then a pop! At that point everything in the room that was plugged in went off. DVR, Gas Heater, clocks and telephone. However everything that's plugged in in the living room is still on. And the over-head lights in the bedroom are fine. I've been down to the garage to check the fuses and it's not that.

This means I did something bad to the electricity, but only in one room. The really bad news is there's no way for hubby and I to stay home and wait for an electrician to come over and the room apartment is an absolute disaster, one we would prefer the landlord not see. The really really bad news is that we generally sleep with the TV on. Presumably I can run something on my laptop and hope it does the trick.

Hubby is going to have a really hard time of it though. He comes in at 730A, has a bagel and uses some soothing science programs to get himself to sleep so he can work a 7P to 7A shift. Without the TV, it's going to be a nightmare. I just cannot tell him that it's probably my fault for running the gas heater.

Not good. This is really NOT GOOD.



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