February 15th, 2012


I've been on Vacation for a few days.

Vacation-from the root word Vaca, so obviously I've spent the past three days sitting around like a big, fat, cow. The intention was to do hard-core workouts, but I woke up on Sunday with a kinked up neck, so the next thing you know I'm popping muscle relaxants and eating like someone who's been fending off all her cravings since the beginning of the year.

Did I mention that Cafe Petra is gone? Major Bummer. We knew it was coming when they switched from good bagels to not so good bagels, but I didn't notice when the actual last day was. Now there's no place to sit for hours drinking tea and using Wi-fi AND we have to go an extra block for last minute ATM withdrawls.

Thanks to the lovely folks who sent me Virtual Glass Hearts! Love you all!

Is there any Aaron Copland/Leonard Bernstein RPS? If not, why not?