April 2nd, 2012

Music Give-a-Way Meme

Reply with a fandom, character, ship, theme, word, etc., and I will post a song that I think applies, maybe a picture if I’m feeling super creative. Post this and help spread the musical love.
Moriarty crown

Music Give-a-Way response #2

For lilithisbitter


You're Nothing Without Me (From City of Angels) Sung by John Barrowman and Matt Rawle.

You're nothing without me
Without me you'd just disappear
Right into thin air
And no one would care
Or notice you were there

A puppet, an upstart
A loser who's destined to fall
I'm everything you always wanted to be
Let's deal with the issue:
You wish you were me
You're nothing without me
Without me you're nothing ...
Peter Burke

Music Give-a-Way response #3

Request a song here

For cookielaura

Neal Caffrey

Half a Boy & Half a Man composed by Nick Lowe, but this version is Sleepy Labeef & C.J. Chenier. Here's a Youtube link to Nick performing it live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc03cTen8rk

You'd better run, you'd better hide
You'd better lock your house and keep the kids inside
Here come the twentieth century's latest scam
He's a half a boy and half a man