April 3rd, 2012

fatuous lunatic

Best Freudian Slip Ever

When I was cross-posting my review to Tumblr, I actually put the name of the episode in as "Blowing The Wilson." (Luckily one has editing capabilities for that sort of thing, but still.) Hopefully this proves I am still a H/W slasher in good standing.
blame pistol

By the way, Bones sucked too!

I caught it because I had FOX on while waiting to watch House MD. And guess who was on in a small part: Pruitt Taylor Vince, who played patient of the week back in Que Sera Sera.

I haven't been watching consistently, but I'm really starting to wish we had some Logan's Run, mandatory death age for shows in this country.

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So lost

Music Give-a-Way response #5

For joanne_c

Jack, thinking about Rose and the Doctor:

It Was A Good Time-The Mike Curb Congregration

It was a good time, it was the best time
It was a party, just to be near you
It was a good time, it was the best time
And we believed that it would last forever
We would stay together and share the laughter
With never ever a morning after
It was a good time, it was the best time
It seemed a short time, but such a good time

Bonus track: The Tenth Doctor remembering Jack and Rose.

Somewhere Along the Way-Shawn Ryan
(Same song, sung by Cliff Richard)