April 16th, 2012

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OMG, it's that gal! Columbo/Star Trek edition

We're up to Columbo, 2nd season, and in ONE episode (which also had Ray Milland's 2nd Columbo appearance AND Brad Dillman with the worst hair ever!) I had two major cases of WHO THE HELL IS THAT, which thanks to IMDB turned out to be, in ONE episode mind you, both Dr. Janice Lester from Turnabout Intruder AND T'Pring from Amok Time. It was one of the weaker episodes, but hilarious for the Trek associations.

The one before it was awesome, because the killer was John Cassavetes and his wife was played by Blythe Danner, who was pretty clearly preggers during the episode and therefore was about to give birth to Gwyneth Paltrow. Double bonus yummy points for being the first episode with the Bassett Hound.
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Question Meme Time-Day 2

I got ten questions from filthgoblin. If you want questions, leave a comment.

Instead of a giant wall of text, I'll do the answers one day at time.

Question 2-Do you have any regrets in your life? If so, what are they? If not, why not?

Sometimes I feel I am nothing but regrets. Stupid things I said or did that I can't forget are a big one, or just ways I let people down, mostly through my own malaise and selfishness.

The biggest concrete one, with a long-term effect on my life is blowing off my education. I've always been good at writing/reading and crap at math/science. So I coasted on what I was good at and didn't push myself at the stuff that didn't come easy. I was the ultimate "doesn't live up to her potential" child in high school.

By the time I got to college I was barely trying. I gave up on math after getting through remedial algebra but being bored to death by statistics. The last few years, I was mostly going to college just to keep getting financial aid, which was helping to keep my family afloat. I pretty much ignored my pre-req courses and did well at a bunch of electives that interested me.

I gave up the charade after a semester where I basically stayed up all night, drove to Montclair State College in the morning and slept in the parking lot all day. The hardest part was admitting to my grandmother that I was quitting college. I know she was very disappointed. At the time I was just relieved, but looking back, I really wish I was the kind of person who could have made myself work harder and actually give a damn.