April 19th, 2012

noah nathan

Question Meme Time-Day 5

I got ten questions from filthgoblin. If you want questions, leave a comment.

Instead of a giant wall of text, I'll do the answers one day at time.

Question 5-If you could rid the world of one particular type of ill, what would it be and why?

I'm taking this to mean a societal ill, rather than a specific illness or medical problem.

If I could somehow get Western culture to stop defining beauty and desirability in terms of weight and body type. I want women (and men) to be able to face the day without having to genuflect to the great scale god to find out if they're allowed to love themselves that day. I want to eradicate all the industries that make money off the misery of people who've been trained to hate themselves for not meeting the societal "norm" even when that norm is patently insane. Goodbye Weight-watchers, women's magazines, diet pill companies.

I understand that there is such a thing as unhealthy body weight and I believe the gyms should stay open and be subsidized. However, in my utopia, the health issues would be completely removed from the esthetics.

Fat kills, but no one ever got less fat (permanently) by being told how disgusting they were.

And, in deference to my beloved damigella_314 and others who are suffering on the end of the spectrum, this should also apply to "OMG, you're so skinny, you must be anorexic, go eat something."

All sizism, all attempts to control us through body image self-hatred must go.