April 23rd, 2012

Peter Burke

I got an AWESOME fic for Remix!

Some lovely person took my White Collar drabble, Jive, which was about Mozzie's Zombie Apocalypse contingency plans, and remixed into a wonderful story called, Contingencies (The Know Thyself Remix). It's a really nice look at Neal and Mozzie during Neal's "training" period, and shows exactly how well Mozzie understands Neal. It's still Gen, unless you happen to see Neal/Mozzie the way I do, but either way, it's a great read, so go and give some love. Did I mention, "Zombie Apocalypse?"
Hot well written

Question Meme Time-Finale

I got ten questions from filthgoblin. If you want questions, leave a comment.

Instead of a giant wall of text, I'll do the answers one day at time.

Congratulations! You've been handed Exec Producer on the show of your choice. What changes will you make?

Thank you! Guess what, Covert Affairs? You're about to do the one thing that you should have done from the very beginning. In a SHOCKING EPISODE THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!! Annie Walker is going to get killed. If that's too much for Fluffy Wuffy USA, then she just gets injured and permanently shipped off to the Phoenix Field Office.

Her sister is recruited into the CIA, thus allowing Anne Dudek to play the Cut-throat Bitch Worthy BAMF that we know she's capable of and that Piper Perabo could ever come close to being.

Jai Wilcox comes back and he and Danielle have tons of genuine UST together. Auggie is sidelines from any romanice with Danielle, but could go into a triangle with Joan and Arthur with plenty of Auggie/Arthur subtext.

Danielle's husband will fall into the "clueless signifcant other" role that Danielle used to play, although he will turn out to have a SHOCKING SECRET at some point and they will find themselves on top of a tall building pointing guns at each other in the SHOCKING SEASON FINALE.