April 30th, 2012


Sherlock fic written for Remix Redux 10

I'm Checking Out-Goombye (The What's New Pussy-Cat mix)
Remixed from The End of The Affair by igrockspock
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairings: Sally/Anderson, Sally/John
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 2413
Spoilers/Warnings: Takes place in the first series, between episodes 2 and 3. Sally-positive and I regret nothing.
Notes: I had an amazing and amazingly difficult time writing this and I cannot give enough love to evila_elf. I'm not a cat person and therefore writing Cat-POV fic wasn't easy. I appreciate how tough she was on me and I'm very happy with the result.
Summary: A different point of view on the break-up.

Post -reveal pimpage for Remix

I got an AWESOME fic for Remix!

I can now properly appreciate Teaotter for taking Jive, which was about Mozzie's Zombie Apocalypse contingency plans, and remixed into a wonderful story called, Contingencies (The Know Thyself Remix).

It's a really nice look at Neal and Mozzie during Neal's "training" period, and shows exactly how well Mozzie understands Neal.

Please go, read and give love!
guv love gene

"Honeymoon" Life On Mars Sam/Gene/Annie NC17 Wordcount-2870

Title: Honeymoon
Fandom: Life on Mars
Pairing: Sam/Gene/Annie
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 2870
Notes: Written to celebrate the 6 Year Anniverary of lifein1973 and our fabulous moderator Lozenger8. Sequel to Comfort and Joy. Yes, two and half years in the making. It took me that long to convince Gene to go along with it.
Beta: The exceptionally speedy and thorough book_junkie007.
Warnings: Internalized homophobia, boundary disrespect, dubious consent issues. Read at your own risk.
Summary: Gene is a stubborn bastard, but Sam knows how to get around him.

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MMOM Day 1-"Decision" Life On Mars Annie Cartwright (Sam/Gene/Annie) Rating-NC17

Title: Decision
Fandom: Life on Mars
Characters/Pairing: Annie Cartwright (reference to Sam/Gene, Sam/Annie, Sam/Gene/Annie)
Rating: NC17 (Might be more of a Hard R)
Wordcount: 1015
Notes: Written for MMOM 2012, Day 1. Companion piece to Honeymoon. Excellent Beta service by book_junkie007. Also part of the Anniversary Celebration at lifein1973
Warnings: Rough language, potential homophobia. Read at your own risk.
Summary: Annie's side of the story.

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