June 4th, 2012

Hot wet

Another Merry Month of Masturbation has been completed.

Although I gotta say, it's feels like one of the bleakest "Merry" months I've ever done. Yes, I AM the Queen of Angst, but I still feel like I wrote a higher percentage of dark!fic this time and that the darkness was even darker than usual. Plus the "light" stuff just wasn't all that funny. Nothing that makes me as happy as the Dirty Jobs fic from the first time around.

Also...let's face, comments ain't what they used to be, so the whole comment whore gratification aspect was a bit of let-down. I was very happy with the response to my Jack/Original!Jack Torchwood fic and some really amazing comments I got to Being Alive. (Especially surprising because OMG, hints of het in the Sherlock fandom.)

I'm really happy with the fic I wrote postulating that the Lola from Copacabana is the same Lola from Lola by the Kinks. That Old Feeling

I think I may have squicked myself out by writing Lion King fic

I haven't QUITE crossed the incest line for Syd/Jack, but I came pretty damn close.

Very bummed at lack of love for my NCIS OTP.

I'm not sure I have another year of this in me...which is pretty much what I've said every year for the past five years.

Master List for Merry Month of Masturbation 2012

Fics posted-31
Fandoms/Number of stories:
Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie
Cliff Richard/Olivia Newton-John
Bobby Darin
Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law
Sherlock 3
House MD-2
White Collar-2
Hogan's Heroes-1
Life on Mars-1
The Lion King-1
Doctor Who-1
The Hour-1
Ashes to Ashes-1