June 16th, 2012

fatuous lunatic

Something that might get me to watch Glee again:

Glen Beck's New Target: Glee

My apologies for posting a link from a right-wing hate site, but it's the only report I've seen so far and we really need to stay aware of how psychotic the right-wing really are when it comes to attacking any positive depiction of gay people.

If you're here in the USA, remember we need crawl on broken glass to vote for Barack Obama in November. Mitt Romney can look and act like he's not at this level of anti-gay and anti-choice and in his heart he may not be, but POLITICALLY he will be forced to kow-tow to Beck and his minions.

I understand for a lot of people, Glee is hardly doing their gay stories as well as they could or should, but if it's enough to piss off Glenn Beck, then it's still worth some support.

It's times like this I REALLY wish Keith Olbermann was still on the air.

And while we're at it, consider having some Lucky Charms or Cheerios for breakfast:

General Mills against gay marriage ban.
A bunch of wing-nuts response to this story has been to (OF COURSE) threaten a boycott of General Mills, so throw a little support their way.