August 2nd, 2012

Company Time

Oh, it's going to be that kind of a day.

So as of 1130AM PST, the following has already transpired:

Two of my co-workers basically bailed on dealing with a client who is leaving for Canada on Saturday and just realized his passport expired three months ago. (Maybe they remembered my tale of discovering that my passport was expiring in one week, just as I was landing in Edinburgh for a two week trip to the UK.)

I got stuck dealing with this. I determined that if he used the Visa service that we generally refer clients to, it would take two working days. Then I sent him the link to the SF Passport Office, told him he'd need to call them directly to make an appointment and wished him luck.

If there is any complaint that I somehow could or should have done more, I swear, there will be hell to pay.

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Candy Corn

Come As You're Not 2012-The Legend Returns!

Start spreading the news......


to karaokegal's Sixth “Come As You’re Not” fanfic costume party.

Who is invited: YOU! If you're seeing this posted anywhere on your friends list, linked on Twitter or Facebook, Dreamwidth or Tumblr or any other social media. As long as you have a platform from which to post and link a story. Even if you've never heard of me, please come to the party anyway.

I’m inviting you all to write a fanfic as someone other than yourselves.

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Moriarty crown

"What is Best?" Sherlock (BBC) drabble Sherlock/Mycroft Rating-PG

Title: What is Best
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Sherlock/Mycroft
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
WARNINGS: Incest, underage. Read at your own risk.
Notes: Written for the Music Is My Boyfriend Meme.
Song: Domino-Van Morrison
Prompt from lilithisbitter: Sherlock/Mycroft Something about why Sherlock sleeps in the buff.
Unbeta'd. Comments and concrit welcome.
Summary: Mycroft always has a back-up plan.

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