September 6th, 2012


Bill! I love you so, I always will....

Seriously, the minute they started playing the first few notes of "Don't Stop" I started feeling all teary and nostalgic. He gave an absolutely magnificent speech, and if he went long, it was because he needed every second to refute the unmitigated bullshit that has been emanating from the Republicans for over a year.

Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (Full transcript)

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Rachel Jammies

A few notes on the coverage....

I really miss seeing the full roll-call. It's political kitsch at its finest. Each state doing it's little schtick and trying to top the others, with it's nicknames, state accomplishments, and how it's proud and honored to give its "fill in number of votes" to the next President of the United States, etc etc.

I know it takes forever and there hasn't been any actual suspense about either party's nominee since (maybe) the 50's. There's no way modern viewers would ever be able to sit still for the whole thing. I assume they showed it all on C-SPAN (YAY C-SPAN, I Love you Brian Lamb!), so presumably I COULD have watched it all, but I was glued to MSNBC who ONLY showed Hawaii and Ohio. Hawaii as the place where Barack Obama was really, most sincerely born and OHIO for putting him over the top.

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