September 13th, 2012

Candy Corn

So I'm trying to start an A03 collection for Come As You're Not....

PROBLEM RESOLVED. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and support. We now have a collection. Stay tuned for details.

And not (to my mind) unreasonably, I'm calling it "Come As You're Not" and I'm being told:

Sorry! We couldn't save this Collection because:

Name must begin and end with a letter or number; it may also contain underscores but no other characters.

Is there some way that C and T are no longer considered letters? Do I have to have a number in there? Please tell me what I'm missing.

Thanks to all from yours truly, Madame Techno Dorkarella. (I had to have a cheat sheet to do lj cuts and links for like the first year I was on LJ.)