October 28th, 2012


Thank you to everyone who sent Birthday Greetings and Get Will Wishes!

I am feeling MUCH better and looking forward to seeing you all at our annual Come As You're Not Halloween Fanfic Party.

Please check these out and help share the birthday love and the creativity or just PUPPIES!

The Man in the Boat
(or How Jools Siviter Came to Be Recruited by MI-6)
by vanillafluffy.

Go. Read. Give love. It's a Jools-fic, but it's also G-rated and Gen. No skinheads involved. :)

YUMMIES! from starhawk2005. (I wait all year to see what high-calorie baked good will be presented.)

Virtual Cuppy Cake from proseac1

Twitter greeting from tx_voodoo.

Virtual Puppy from michelleann68.

Sexy Banner of William Peterson as Richard Chance from mad_jaks.

Celebrity & Doggie picspam from rose_cat

Shiny Birthday Balloon from Nakeisha.

Awesome Barrowman Pic from veritas6_5

"The House Syndrome" Chapter 6

Title: The House Syndrome
Chapter: 6/6(Plus epilogue)
Fandom: House MD
Pairings: Wilson/Park, House/Wilson
Worcount: (This Chapter-840)
Rating: NC17 (This Chapter-G)
Warnings: Graphic sex for both pairings. Massive Angst-fest ahead. No fluff, no schmoop. Possible triggers. Read at your own risk.
Notes: THIS IS NOT A WIP! The whole thing is done. I just feel like posting in chapters. Very short chapters. Thanks to michelleann68 for Full Metal Beta. Comments and concrit welcome.
Summary: Things are back to normal, so everyone gets hurt.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
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