October 30th, 2012

Hil coat

Halloween Amnesty Announcement-Come As You're Not

Come As You're Not 2012 will be under way in a few hours.

I was planning a scaled-down event this year, with a 24 hour posting period from the time I put the Party Post up. HOWEVER, in light of events on the East Coast and the likelihood that some attendees will be without power for a few days, and might show up with their costumes a bit damp, I'm declaring a 7 day amnesty period. The party will last a week, and guest will be accepted whenever they can show up.

Looking forward to seeing all your fabulous costumes whenever you can drag yourself through the wind and rain.

"Fallen Angels" House MD Beatnik AU House/Wilson Rating-R

Title: Fallen Angels
Fandom: House MD
Genre: Beatnik AU
Pairing: House/Wilson (references to House/Stacy, Wilson/Amber, Wilson/Kutner)
Rating: R
Wordcount: 4765
WARNINGS: Graphic references to drug use. Read at your own risk.
Notes: Written for Come As You're Not 2012.
Why it's a costume: AU-I hate AU with every fiber of my being. Bonus costume points for writing in present tense and first person and for possibly being the most pretentious thing I've ever written. Beta'd to Beatnik perfection by _tallian_
Summary: Amber is dead and Wilson has a decision to make.

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Candy Corn

Welcome to Come As You're Not 2012!

Get out the brain bleach-it's that time again!

Welcome to this year's soiree!

If you were kind enough to bring a dish, drink, or recreational drugs, please let us know what it is. (Post a picture, if you like.)

And now, the reason we're all here: THE COSTUMES

Please post to your own LJ, Dreamwidth, FF.NET or A03 account and then comment here with your link and the following information.

Characters or Pairing:
Word Count:
Notes for warnings, spoilers, loving on your Beta, etc.
Why it's a costume:

You're more than welcome and highly encouraged to cross-post to applicable comms and begged to make sure you add your fic to the A03 Come As You're Not Collection. Please tag by year as well.

We've got a week to post and read these fics, although I suspect most will go up in the first 24 hours. BE GENEROUS WITH YOUR COMMENTS. Please comment directly to the story, not in the comment chain.

Ladies, gentleman, and anything in-between……..