November 8th, 2012

fatuous lunatic

Post Election Hearty Fuck You post

The following groups and individuals have all earned a hearty FUCK YOU. Feel free to join me in bestowing it upon them and adding your own recipients.

1. Michelle-haters
Some of the most repulsive, misogynist AND racist scumbags on the fascist side of the political spectrum. I hope Michelle takes all the vacations she wants, and brings as big an entourage as possible, while wearing as many fabulous outfits and big belts as her heart desires. IN YOUR FACE, MOTHERFUCKERS!

2. Donald Trump

3. Clint Eastwood

4. Dick Morris/Karl Rove (Is it me or are they turning into one giant, bloated, caricature of a right-wing strategist...who always gets it wrong. What was that you said about a landslide, Dick?)

5. Creepy Rape Abortion Caucus-Todd Akin/Richard Mourdock/Tom Smith/John Koster et al.

6. Birthers (How's that working out for ya guys?)

7. Sheldon Adelman/Koch Brothers/Chamber of Commerce

8. Sarah Palin-Because she always deserves a hearty fuck you.

9. Alan West (You want a recount? It didn't help Norm Coleman and it's not gonna help you.)

10. Me-For buying into gloom, doom and defeatism, even when my husband told me it would be all right.
I totally fell for the meme about the polls being skewed to Democrats to match the 2008 voting numbers.