November 20th, 2012

jb gun

Pimp Post-Come As You're Not 2012

Original part post with additional graphics is HERE!

We had an intimate soiree this year, but the costumes were spectacular and all the attendees definitely managed to expand their literary horizons. I'm also really impressed with the diversity of fandoms that appeared. Since the stories went up while a lot of people were otherwise occupied, here's another change to read and give love some amazing stories, even those that might otherwise offend, disturb or embarrass either the writers or the readers. Of course some, are just downright hilarious.

Brain Bleach is available on demand, but please try to go and give some love. Please read all warnings at original story locations.

One more time: If you have ever participated in Come As Your Not, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON IT, post your previous fics to the Come As You're Not Collection at A03. If you need an A03 invite code, let me know.

We had a lot of participants over the years and right now only a few are in the collection.

If you are in contact with folks who you know are NOT in contact with me these days, for whatever reasons, and would be willing to reach out, I'd really appreciate it. I'd just like to have all the fics in one place in case our good friends at LJ ever go totally tits up. Posting to the collection doesn't mean they like me, just that they once or twice participated in a challenge.

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