December 4th, 2012


Friends List pruning AND Amnesty!

If you're still reading and enjoying my posts, and would like to be on my list in case of locked posts, let me know. I'm mostly aiming at folks who I assume are doing neither or possibly those I haven't had communication with in lo these many. In no way is this a personal rebuke or rejection. I do feel like the party is moving on to Dreamwidth (where I'm also karaokegal) and Tumblr ( My fanfic muse is sort in hibernation right now and I'm still in the laborious process of getting EVERYTHING onto A03- (Including ALL the drabbles. YIKES!)

If you've been wanting to cut me from your list for WHATEVER reason, whether it's just boredom or because of fannish issues that you haven't wanted to address in any way, go for it.

I'm NOT leaving LJ. I'll probably be here, clutching the door until the bitter end, but I've noticed that I'm not checking the F-list as frequently, so IF you want to communicate something to me in a timely fashion, try a PM of some sort.