December 22nd, 2012

Santa Foreman

Please, brain, STOP DOING THIS TO ME!

I turn off my computer and lie down last night to sleep, and suddenly got a jolt of adrenaline inducing "oh my god, did I make sure Annoying Client got re-ticketed before I left the office?"

I'm sure I did, but I've had so many screw-ups recently, and I'm in diet mode, so my blood-sugar is always a bit wonky. In other words, no way to be sure. I got up, got on-line and got the flight number from the airline website, called the airline and had them tell me there was definitely a ticket number in place for the new flight booking. WHEW!

And the minute I put down the phone, I started thinking they were wrong, they were looking at the old ticket #, why didn't I get a ticket #, etc etc. Then I went back to bed and spent at least an hour thinking about the possible bad outcomes of him not being ticketing, following by the various permutations and bad outcomes of all the other crap that's currently pending and looming over me, including the $3000.00 missed refund which still hasn't been resolved or even MENTIONED to anyone in the LAW FIRM.

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