July 12th, 2013

fatuous lunatic

And a hearty fuck you.....

To the judge who wouldn't give me a hard-ship waiver for Jury Duty.

Believe it or not, it's the exact same kind of civil case I nearly got stuck on two years ago---cough cough *asbestos*.

Trust me folks, the defense (evil corporation) does NOT want me, Miss Wobbly, slightly to the left of Trotsky, power-to-the-people, stick it to the man, on THEIR JURY!

But I have to go in there on Monday and make sure they know it. The judge made me wait an hour before NOT giving me the waiver and then I had to fill out the stupid questionnaire to convince the lawyers I'm NOT a good choice.

I do feel a bit like Liz Lemond showing up dressed as Princess Leia. If I had the furry ear-muffs I might try that. Or borrow a few cats from Kathy the Crazy Cat Lady.