July 18th, 2013


RIP Grandma Shirley

Sometime last night, peacefully and in her sleep.

Here she is about two months ago surrounded by daughters and granddaughters.

Winston Women

She lived a good and full life and if you believe in that kind of thing she's now with my Grandfather, who passed about year and three months ago. Grandma hasn't been "home" in quite a while and in the last few years it was hard to remember the Grandma who took me to old movies at the Thalia and Theater 80 St. Mark and concerts at Lincoln Center and was very supportive of my writing etc.

I wish that the last time I saw her, when this picture was taken hadn't been such a stressful occasion, because it was so hard to get her to and from the nursing home for any events.

She kept my great-grandfather from going to WWI by being born in time for him to run the birth certificate down to the draft office and she kept right on being amazing into her 80's. It was only in the last ten years or so that she slipped away.

If I accomplish a fraction of the things she did in her lifetime, I'll be pretty damn lucky.