July 29th, 2013

anderson writer

Welcome to my Pimp Post!

I know it's been a while. Not a whole lot of fic reading going on lately, but there are still writers I adore and kink buttons being hit.

Warning: includes pimping for incest fics and RPS fics, as well as various kinks! If that's gonna trigger/squick/freak you out, now is the time to go. Probably some "bashing" of some sort too. You don't like it....the back-button is that way.

House MD + Pundit RPF

TV Appendectomy by chicating.

Keith Olbermann meets Greg House

And in the "Possibly too soon, but I don't give a flying Philadelphia fuck" department, chicating also wrote a little Tony apologizes to Rachel vignette, because to me former Rep. Weiners greatest "sin" does not involve virtual infidelity or revealing any parts of his anatomy, but rather lying to Rachel Maddow's face. DO NOT LIE TO RACHEL, MOTHERFUCKER! (I still want him to be Mayor of NY, by the way.)


Pairing: Frankie Boyle/Russell Howard-Mock The Week by datship.

So much angsty, painful, hurt, longing, goodness in just a few paragraphs.


Every Breath You Take by dassgrrl
Incest (implied), voyeurism, sexting, toys, kink, angst, misuse of philosophy and surveillance cameras

So good. So hot. So Angsty! So much more love/hate/passion/desire etc that John/Sherlock could
ever have in a zillion billion years.

Spooks:Code 9

You Did What?! by twcardiff
Rating: T

This is sort of a "blind pimp" since I'm not really familiar with the show, but want to give a little signal boost to the fandom and the writer. If it sounds like it's up your alley, take a look.


One Day Nearer To Gone by qafkinnetic
Alice Guppy/Emily Holroyd
Brutally dark look at the girls, who everybody likes to idealize and sentimentalize, but this makes a LOT more sense. A bit of Vicorian real!Jack in the background as well.

So Good by luciusmistress

MMOM FIC featuring Gwen Cooper.

Summary: Gwen remembers how it felt to kiss a woman.
Notes: Set right after Day One.

Relief by veritas6_5

More Gwen-centric goodness from MMOM
Characters: Gwen, Jack, Owen, Ianto
Rating: NC17
Word count: 1228
Warnings: voyeurism