December 31st, 2013

Jack Lynda

Let Love Be Your Energy-cos I don't have any.

Not for fandom. Not any more. At least for right now. In "I'm The One That I Want," Margaret Cho says: For me to be ten pounds thinner is a full-time job, and I am handing in my notice and walking out the door!!

For the last 8 years or so, pretty much from the moment I finished watching "Damned If You Do" and googled House/Wilson slash and ended up at house_slash,my 2nd job was fandom. House MD, Torchwood, Spooks, etc. and all the love, friendship, joy, pain, anger, revulsion, ship-warring, ship-war winning, wanking and abuse that came with it. I wrote and wrote and wrote, and LIVED, BREATHED, OBSESSED, LOVED and HATED FANDOM. That was my life, my job, my soul. A second job, a second marriage.

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I'll still be here, following my F-list and posting when I think I have something to say. I have a MASSIVE back-log of fic that I have every intention (however delusional) of getting through.

But basically, when it comes to fandom, for the time being I'm a burn-out case. Right now it's just more important for me to get to the gym, than to get to LJ.

I wish you all a joyous and safe New Years!

Just a song before I go....

Actually, I sang my last karaoke song for the year last night, and of course it was:

Also, aside from Fannish and Fitness goals:

I resolve to get through all of 2014 without losing my FUCKING ATM CARD!

Also, my sincerest mea culpas to ALL the December birthdays I totally flaked on in my exhaustion and general suckitude.

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