February 19th, 2014

50 pounds


On June 7, 2013, I came out of denial and forced myself to get on a scale. On that date I weighed 191 1/2. Today, the Evil Scale God pronounced that I am 141. I'm wearing around my waist an odd item called a belt which I had formerly not needed or could not find one that actually fit and accomplished what was necessary.

There is still a VERY LONG WAY to go, and given that I ran/walked/ran 7 miles on Saturday and then rode the bike 35 miles on Monday, just to knock the last two off, I don't even know if this will immediately hold.

There is definite progress on the night-eating front, and the next post will (I think) be about the uses of friends in the process which has also been an evolution from "I'll go it alone; that's how it must be" to "You gotta have FRIIIIEEEENDS!" OR I can do a breakdown on the handful of pills, supplements and vitamins that I down every day to aid and abet. Which I suppose are my friends as well. Especially my friendly Ibuprofen.

But anyway, for the time being----50 Pounds.

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