April 5th, 2014

Keep calm

Last training run before Presidio 10-K next week.

Wearing sweatshirt in honor of imminent visit by filthgoblin in two weeks. (Wanted to wear my Bryan Ferry t-shirt in honor of concert in one week, but too cold out to go without sweatshirt.)

Heading out

Link is in two parts, since it turns out that the "pause" on the Garmin Forerunner doesn't actually give you time to have a quick pee at the Yacht Club.



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Hot well written

A hearty fuck you to Netflix

Is it really that fucking difficult to get me three discs at a time at least one of which isn't cracked, broken, or fucked up in a way that doesn't manifest until you're about 20 minutes from the end of the first episode of a cute, quirky British cop show and JUST ABOUT to watch a scene which is clearly going to give a vital clue (or red herring) to the identity of the murderer.

I know you want us to use streaming video, but you don't have everything streaming yet, so get your shit together and get me discs that actually work!
Moriarty crown

Winter Soldier=PERFECT

Seriously-nothing negative. No snark, no nit-picking, no nothing. Every single moment, plot point, transition, balance of action to characterization...absolutely perfect.

It's continues the Thor pattern of my liking the 2nd movie better than the "Origin Story" film, but goes far far beyond that. I sat back and loved everything about it.

(Please look around my bedroom for pods.)