May 3rd, 2014


Two weeks until Bay to Breakers....

I did a 7 miles training run/walk/run today. Basically just loops around Mission/Castro plus hill repeats in Dolores Park, which is my B2B "preparation" although whether I actually try to jog up the Hayes Street Hill remains to be seen.

Garmin Forerunner stats:

No gummy bears today, in deference to my attempts at a paleo/primitive diet as well as to see if that will fend off the bladder urgency, which it did. I DID have 1/4 cup of quinoa with my almond milk and a banana at 5AM (when I also took DRUGS!) That seemed to give me enough glycogen for at least the 7 miles. Thanks to Flexeril and Vicodin, my legs and back felt ok and thanks to Sir Speedy Hydroxycut, my energy held up. OK, maybe that was the quinoa. Either way, I didn't get that "I'm out of glycogen-my legs are dying feeling." On the other hand-only 7 miles.

After I stretched and hate Hubby and I rode the bikes down to the Cartoon Art Museum to see "Pretty In Ink," a special exhibit about Women Cartoonists.

Then we took a walk to the Embarcadero and back to the Metreon for "Transcendence," which I'm assigning a hearty "MEH!"

I'd promised Hubby I'd got Mel's with him, but the longer the food/diet/exercise process goes on the harder it is to eat at a grease/starch pit. My old standby, the tuna melt, went by the wayside when I had to get the cholesterol down. The chicken breast sandwich doesn't work when I'm going as Paleo/Primal as possible.

I dodged the Mel's bullet and we're going to Chow for Brunch tomorrow, where I can do the quinoa/yogurt/fruit thing and not feel like a fat, greasy moo-cow. So far I've stayed off the scale, and I THINK the new food/exercise/DRUGS regime is working, but I won't know until Wednesday.