May 12th, 2014

Acidic Flower Foot

Rude or just socially awkward?

I was just descended upon by a group of Kimpton Hotel reps. I should have been expecting them, since I did confirm the appointment, but I then proceeded NOT to write it down on a calendar or even put it in my Google-calendar so when Kathy called me to say there were people here to see me, I was completely flummoxed.

It's my first day back from vacation and even though it hasn't been crazy, I still feel a bit disoriented as I do my first day back. At least I had a put together looking outfit on, but I was just really rattled and when I was handed a box of Specialty's cookies, which are the BEST FUCKING COOKIES IN THE WORLD, instead of saying a polite thanks and feigning enthusiasm, I basically let my, "these things are poison; why would you bring them to me" flag wave. OK, maybe not that bad, but not "Oh thank you so much!" I also responded badly to "Oh you've dyed your hair since I saw you," because the person who said it has most definitely seen me with this color, since I've had it for like ten years.

I did as much schmoozing as I could manage, but it wasn't enough and I did it badly and I feel slightly disgusted with myself. It IS part of my job to deal with these people and be charming on a regular basis and today I failed dismally.

I may also have let my anger show, since one of the reps had PROMISED she would put in a good word for me with her HR department since it's one of the hotels where I've been applying for a job, and they're also one of the hotels that apparently couldn't be arsed to acknowledge the application.

This is all after the week where the doggie dream has basically come crashing into the rocky terra firma of reality.

So yeah, I fucked up. Massively.