May 21st, 2014

Lessons Learned On The Paleo/Primal Journey

1. I can't handle nuts.

I was doing well using the crunchy little devils in 1/4 cup increments as an actual protein source. Then I got overwhelmed with anger, bitterness, fear, depression, anxiety etc. in the wake of Steve quitting and by Saturday night I was shoving them into my maw like the delicious, painfully, momentarily satisfying, binge component they really are.

I'm back on the wagon, but the nuts are gone.

2. I can't handle Avocado. See above only with a different texture.

3. Unsweetened coconut milk is NASTY. Flax milk is marginally better, but it's a thin margin. Soy milk isn't actually paleo because soybeans are a legume, rather than a nut, so of all the milk subsitutes that can help me get my morning handful of pills down, the winner is Almond Milk.

4.I MIGHT be able to handle red meat. Jury still out. Trying some measured portions of lamb this week.

5.Even fresh fish smells and anything you attempt to carry it in will be permeated.