September 25th, 2015


Well, you get the idea!

I just don't have the energy to finish the project, but this is how I've been eating. I'm still crazy, I still need OA meetings and my disease is still trying to tell me I need to lose more weight, get ketogenic, stop eating the limited number of carbs I'm getting from leafy greens and fruit. HOWEVER---and while I know that it's not for everybody, I still think paleo/primal/high-fat/low carb/real food/organic/gluten-free/grain-free/dairy-free (except for butter) is a million-zillion times better than calorie restriction, low-fat, diet-soda/gum, etc etc.

Before and After

Seriously guys...put down the "healthy whole grains" and pick-up the Kerrygold.

Car alarms...why?

Has a car alarm ever prevented a car from being stolen? Are they actually good for anything besides waking people (like me) from desperately needed sleep?

Anyway, I'm up (thanks to the car alarm...which stopped as soon as my adrenaline had knocked out any hope of getting back to sleep) and I've had bone broth, liver and sauerkraut (chipotle kale kraut actually) for breakfast. I hope to get some soaking in before Yoga and a nap afterwards as I'll be working closing shift tonight.

Not sure if I mentioned, but with my challenging co-worker gone, I've basically inherited her closing nights on Thursday and Friday (and sometimes others if Debra has PTO.) This means YAY I COULD sleep later, but generally amounts to my still trying to work out and get a nap in and that nap thing is a work in progress.

I've been with Amex since last August and working a mostly "swing" shift since the Lounge opened in November and I'm still kind of re-inventing the wheel in terms of balance my sleeping, working and exercise crazy.

Current goals on the food front are to reduce carbs/sugar even further. Gluten/Grain/starchy veg/refined sugar are long gone, but I still have some fruit/honey/maple syrup and a few "protein" bars to deal with. The tea with honey at work is out of hand and has been terminated. If I have honey, it needs to be at home, measured and reported and the homeless in my neighborhood are going to be given the rest of my Quest bars.

I'm grateful to the Quest bars for getting me through the No Nuts detox, but they're completely not compliant with a truly Paleo/Primal/Whole Foods/NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERSSS food plan so they are OUT OF HERE (as Dennis Miller used to say before he either went to the dark side or revealed his true colors.)

As you can see, I THINK I'm going to get back to actually blogging in this medium. Hilariously, now that the party has moved to Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope etc.

Anything you'd like me to opine about? Drop a line to me at either Dreamwidth or LJ. The Karaokegal I'm also still on Tumbler, Twitter (karaokegalsf), Flickr, and even hanging around Instagram a bit. I'm thinking of activating my Facebook account as well. If you know my real name, you might be able to friend me there. If you want the info and IM me, I'll send it to you.