February 13th, 2016

fatuous lunatic

Notable passing: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia


My original post was to wish for him to RIH (Rot In Hell). It's been pointed out that this was unseemly...not that the other side wouldn't be even more vitriolic regarding any of our Liberal Icons. I read the Wing-Nut websites and I know what was said when Senator Edward M. Kennedy left us.

Let's celebrate the opportunity this presents for President Obama and work twice as hard to get EITHER Hillary or Bernie elected President so they get the next pick as well.

For my friends in the UK or over-seas...I'm not even sure what the equivalent is. He wasn't an elected official, so perhaps not quite in the Thatcher realm, but in the States, the Supreme Court is for LIFE and Justice Scalia has been spewing his hatred and poison into the Law of the Land longer than most of our politicians have been in office.

Antonin Scalia, Justice on the Supreme Court, Dies at 79
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