November 8th, 2016

fatuous lunatic

Plan of action

I've been to yoga, chanted, voted and napped.
I'm going to go to work, do my job and try to make people happy.
No matter what happens today, it's not worth losing my peace, my sobriety, or my abstinence over. This is true every day and minute of my life, but today is the first one where I've felt there was a remote possibility of being tempted. I binged my way through a lot of politics in my hard-core political junkie days.
This year (and last)
I got through my birthday without binging.
I got through Halloween without binging.

I'm OLD. We've been here before.
We survived Nixon, Reagan and two Bushes.

And no matter what happens today---I am not going to binge.

Hari Om!