April 7th, 2017



August 21
The Mountain Winery
Yummy Bryan


At first I thought there were no US dates and then no West Coast dates and then no Bay Area/Northern California dates. I spent a completely unseemly amount of money on two tickets, knowing my husband has no interest, so dear readers, if you know someone in my neck of the woods, who IS willing to pay a portion of an unseemly amount of money and spent time squeeing over Bryan Ferry with me, please put them in touch. I'm on Facebook and can be messaged that way. If you IM me through LJ, I'll get back to you. Some of you have my email. Don't be afraid to use it.

Velvet Bryan

Basically I put it up to the Universe and my form of prayer was to sing as many of the songs Bryan covered on his first solo album as possible at the Mint. Apparently it worked.

I'm also excited about seeing Krishna Das this month, but it ain't remotely in the same category of excitement.


Interestingly, my Bryan Ferry obsession predated and outlasted my Barrowmania phase. Still love John, but don't listen to his music on a regular basis or think of him much at all these days, except with a mixture of fondness for him and horror at myself for the depths I went to as a human being during that period.

In other news.

My 4th and 5th step are done.
Food abstinence now includes NOT eating or drinking while standing up.
Not being online, watching television, or reading while I eat. I'm allowed to listen to music or podcasts, but not do anything that requires engaging my vision and therefore being in denial that I'm actually eating.

I've purchased and started playing the Harmonium


I recently saw Donnie Darko for the first time. (Big Screen at the Roxie.) Good movie, but the Jake Gyllenhaal obsession of Fandom in general continues to elude me.

I haven't seen a contemporary (non-documentary) movie or TV show (except for more recent episodes of Midsomer Murders) in forever.

I am still doing compulsive shit, including spending an unseemly amount of money on Bryan Ferry tickets and not telling my husband beforehand. OOPS!

Smiling Bryan