August 18th, 2017


Checking in

My presence here is diminishing rapidly.
or just look me up by name...IM to ask.
Twitter: karaokegalsf
I'm on Instagram, but mostly those are just food and puppy pix.
Pix are still being posted to my karaokegal account on FLicker as well.

Yes, I am planning to do Yuletide this year. No, I'm not doing any other fannish writing at the moment. (I got a query via Fanfic.Net.)

August 21-BRYAN FERRY!!!!! Not exactly how I pictured it, but I've got a ride and that's what matters. I got to learn a LOT about my character defects, especially what happens when I make decisions based on fear of not getting what I want.
August 25 will three years of employment at American Express and three years since my last binge.
Still hard-core paleo, LCHF, and still cray-cray. Currently dicking around with my macros again and still dreaming of ketosis, which is such a bad a idea for an orthorexic with an eating disorder. But not binging.

Up to step 7 in my 12 Step journey and isn't THAT a treat!

Practicing yoga 4-5 times per week.

It's been a year since Ireland. I wish we could have gone back this year. Such a great trip and the loveliest people in the world. Hubby is still playing the flute and doing quite well with in. He plays it in our local Irish music sessions and is more than able to hold his own.

You can find me at the Mint on Saturdays between 4-8, at least through the end of the year. Then we have a bid for shifts and I could end up with different days off.

One fandom note---In the wake of the new Doctor announcement, I decided to go back to the beginning of Peter Capaldi's doctoring. I had gotten SO livid after Kill the Moon, that I gave up on the whole thing in that manic, self-righteous, rage-aholic way I was known for at the time. I'm really trying to watch with full attention and an open heart. So far, so good. I might have missed some of the eps due to DVR fuckery AND it's such a pleasure to watch without BBCA commercials to zap through and the general butchering they impose on the viewing. My two biggest issues were the "message" of Kill The Moon and the anti-military bent, which I resented on behalf of my friend Ivan: Whovian, running-buddy, Marine.

Robot of Sherwood was much better than remembered and I loved Time Heist.

It's amazing how much more I enjoy things when I'm not pre-writing a snarky review as I watch.

About to start the disc with Kill the Moon on it.