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August 5th, 2019

The Road To Fairfax

My Kirtan Camp starts tomorrow. It lasts until Sunday.
Hubby is having surgery on Friday. You see the problem.
I've been planning this for over a year. Those of you who follow me on FB may not that I haven't posted much about the camp. I really want to avoid too many expectations. I just want to sing, learn to play more mantras and meet like-minded Kirtan fans.
But as with all my major endeavours...so much drama.
Getting the time off. Paying for camp. Where am I going to stay? How am I going to get there? How am I going to say abstinent? What if people judge me for eating meat? My Harmonium is too big to fit in a car. I'm going to rent a smaller one. No I'm not. What if I don't do Asana practice for a week? I'll get FAT!
And now the surgery. Turns out hubby is NOT healing. He never believed it would heal without surgery and it isn't.
So the choices were, skip the camp (or return early) and feel resentful or go to camp and not be home to take care of hubby, and feel guilty.
We decided to use some privilege and just pay a service to take him home. Then he talked to the doctor and they're going to let him stay in the hospital until Sunday. WHEW! I'll still feel somewhat guilty, but not nearly as much.
Today my Harmonium problem was solved when I purchased a smaller one AND sold my big one back to the woman who sold it to me.
I'm splitting and Air BnB with other campers and my teacher Astrud is driving me over.
I think it's going to be amazing.
That "Let Go and Let God" (or Gods) thing really does work.


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