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The Wank, writer's angst and a concert review.

Quite a roller coaster ride since Tuesday night when I posted "Heat Wave."

Some folks took a bit of umbrage to my cross-posting at he House_Wilson comm.

I'm NOT linking to the actual post, but here are the highlights from the comment that kicked the party off:

Second, your stories show a reckless disregard for the safety and wellbeing of the actors and their loved ones. Your storie (sic) indicate a level of pathology that I have only seen referenced in clinical and criminal psych journals.

Third, your stories demonstrate a poor grasp on reality (inability to distinguish between the characters and the actors who play them), lack of appreciation of boundaries (the blending of fact and fantasy in an extremely malevolent and perverted manner), and depraved indifference to the actors as persons (attributing motives and actions to the actors inconsistent with their stated and reported real life personas).

You wrote in your disclaimer "it's just a fantasy." Healthy people have a enough sense to keep their fantasies to themselves. The severely mentally ill are not so lucky. Based on what you've written, I would say you're among the unlucky.

Engaging in this type of storytelling seems to me to be highly unethical. As much as I hate the idea of a big brother government, your type of storytelling, (which can be very, very harmful to the actors and their families) needs to be regulated out of existence. You cross the line when you make the actor, rather than his character the focus of your story. It is cruel and shows a level of depravity that I didn't know existed within the fanfiction community.

Well it beats indifference, huh?

It ran its course, it died down and we actually made "Fandom Wank".

I especially like the parts where my writing was described as "competent" and "coherent", because god knows that's what I've been aiming for.

And now I have a new nom-de-interweb: K-legal.

If you're an interested party, the poll is still up at House_Wilson, so feel free to express yourself in the poll, which ever way you feel about the issue, specific to that Comm. And yeah, I do kind of get the "It only belongs in an RPS Comm, not in a Slash-Comm" argument. Honestly, I was just maximizing exposure. I had posted there before without incident and it would have taken at least two clicks for anyone to get to the story itself.

Then I had some writer's conscience angst because I caught myself pilfering a line from another fanfic. Here we all are, bodily lifting characters and bits of plot from other people's work to suit our own needs and yet I felt really awful when I realized the line from another fan writer was that close.
To be honest, I don't know how much was guilt and how much was fear of being busted. I'm a great fan of Doris Kearns Godwin as well as the late Stephen Ambrose and look what happened to them. Either way, I couldn't leave the story as was.
This was in the "The First Lie" posted just before this. Beta Goddess Carol let me confess and helped me adjust the line so that I could be given penance and told to sin no more.

Maybe I'm being punished by the lack of warm fuzzy comments which are causing my comment crackwhore self to suffer withdrawl symptoms.

Went to an awesome concert at Noe Valley Ministry on Saturday night. I just happened to be walking by Taqueria Cancun on Valencia Street and saw a flyer for a concert with Boulder Acoustic Society, who I recommended when I saw them at the Bluegrass Festival back in February. I told Hubby and he agreed we had to go.

They are just the most fun band to watch and listen to if you have any interest in old-time, bluegrass, jazz, ukeleles, banjos or just good music. They also make it seem like being in this band must be the most fun thing in the world. At one point they played "Stayin' Alive" on three ukuleles and a shaker. That's entertainment.
Check them out here!

The opening act was Hot Club Of Berkeley I love "Gypsy Jazz". (Slight RSL connection because of music and Django mention in "Swing Kids".) This band kicked ass. They had the sound down perfectly and played wonderful original material in the Hot Club style. The singer/lead guitar player George Cole was seriously yummy in a clean-cut, great suit, smooth voice, great teeth, beautiful eyes, nice hair, oh my god I want you, kind of way. And sings beautifully. And writes nice songs. And smiled at me. And when he took off his tie and opened his collar? GUH!

The funny part is I was sitting in the front row with my pink notebook attempting to write smut at the same time.

Oh, did I mention I was there with my husband?

There was another band, Iron and the Albatross

I thought they sucked. Although you gotta at least try and listen to a group that features both a glockenspiel and an opera singer. Didn't quite work for me though.

World Cup's over. Viva Italia! Now I can concentrate on the Lance-less
Tour de France for which my motto is "Anybody but Discovery."
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