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Meme a day 2008-Day 62-The Bad Summary Meme

Ganked from aibhinn

minisinoo invented this...

For pure giggles ... and a meme if anybody else would like to steal and play and doesn't mind having their work semi-lampooned ...

(Min) was recently browsing a shall-remain-nameless community that both recs stories and helps people find stories they read but can't now remember the title/author for. The goal is to summarize the plot points of the lost story in the hopes somebody will recognize it.

Well. Some of those plot descriptions sound like the most hysterical sort of crack. It makes (Min) wonder if the story is really as bad as it sounds or if the person just can't summarize a plot well/picks out the weirdest stuff to focus on. The more (she) thought about it, however, the more (she) realized that a lot of us have probably written stories that, described badly, could sound like utter crack. This gave (her) an idea.

So--The meme:

Pick a story I've done, any story, and summarize it badly. The more crackish the better! (GGG) Now, the trick is that you can't make up stuff that's not in there. Do not give the title. Let others guess what the hell it is. (It may not, actually, be that hard to guess, but it makes it marginally more interesting.)

My fiction from 2006 and 2007 is in the Boxed Sets in the sidebar and this year's stuff is tagged in my LJ by topics.


I find this idea really amusing, especially given how completely misunderstood my recent Jack/Ianto drabble seemed to be in some quarters.
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