karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Cameron, Cake and Morphine-A double and two drabbles.

Notes: All of these were inspired by the Cam-hate, Cake and Morphine party that broke out in my comments for Still No Reason The first one is sort of my ammends to Dr. Allison Cameron. Hope I got all the quotes right.

Warning: Quotes through the end of season 2 and spoilers as well. Angst. Drugs. Junk food. PG13-Barely. No slash unless you look at one really hard.

Word count: 200
Summary: Quotes and thoughts.

I hired you because you were extremely pretty.

The outraged expression was priceless, although he knew they’d both pay eventually.

You like me. Why?

He devised his own reasons, keeping them in his pocket for future use.

Who says I haven’t hit on her.

He’d kill that smarmy bastard.

I’m not going to crush you.

But he did.

I’m what you need. I’m damaged.

He had to do it.

I’m on the bandwagon. I hate you.

He wished she could convince him.

I could have hit that.

He was drunk enough to admit that he wanted to.

Who doesn’t sleep with a drugged up co-worker.

He couldn’t forgive her. That would mean it mattered.

What were we talking about?

When he saw the red dress, he could forgive her everything, except loving him.

You’re pathetic.

His subconscious knew what a bastard he was. It still let him use the robot to expose her body to his lecherous gaze and put a look of ecstasy on her face.

Tell Cuddy I want Ketamine.

He trusted her. Maybe someday that would be enough.

Word Count-100
Summary: Junk food and a hint of slash.

House loved Hostess Cup Cakes.

He ate them ritualistically, peeling off the frosting to save for last, breaking the spongy cake in two and licking out the too-sweet “crème” filling.

He’d bought a pack on the way home.

It was just as well that Wilson wasn’t here. He’d insist on making a real cake, complete with butter cream frosting, and House would eat it because he hated disappointing Wilson, even though he always did.

Now he was alone with his special treat. He opened the wrapper and allowed the Beatles to serenade him.

You say it’s your birthday.

Word count: 100
Summary: Talking drugs.

The pills were getting jealous.

He thought he heard them talking to him, after he’d injected himself. They sounded like a wife who’d supported her husband through medical school and knew she was being dumped for a newer model.

“After everything we’ve done for you. We took away your pain and let you do your job. Got you through the nights. This is how you treat us?”

Don’t worry, he reassured them. This is just occasional. Temporary. I’ll always need you.

“Everybody lies,” they snapped back, knowing that morphine was taking him away and some day he’d be gone forever.

Tags: drabble, housefic

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