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Kind of. Sunshine and relative warmth, except of course if you end of up a patch of shade and the wind blows down from the ocean and chills you to the bone. Hubby went out in one of his multidinous Hawaiian shirts and I had a hoodie on, and we both got zapped after brunch. Brrrrrrr. But it's still an improvement of over the months of cold and wet and nasty.

I really need to get back on the road in terms of running/walking but it hasn't happened yet. I got to the gym Monday and Tuesday before the entire week fell apart again.

This morning I went downtown to Kathy's and got silk wrap fill/pedicure/eyebrow wax/10 minute foot massage/10 minute neck massage. Divine decadence, darling, but so worth it, especially when it still came in under $75.00. I really needed the neck massage. Range of motion on the right side has been screwed up for a couple of weeks and this helped immensely.

Tomorrow is HAIR DAY!!!


So last week at the Mint, I've just come off-stage after singing an unbelievably happy, fluffy song by Gerry and the Pacemakers, which I did pretty well, and this girl walks up to me and says "You should sing Nico."


Yes, I know who Nico is. Yeah, my voice is pretty low, but NICO? So I told her I'd put "Venus In Furs" up right away. (No, the Mint has a great list, but I'm pretty sure we don't have "Venus in Furs.")


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