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Meme a day 2008-Day 69-Unfinished Fiction Meme

Ganked from savemoony, but tweaked slightly.

1. Open your MyDocs and surf through your unfinished fiction.
2. Post a Summary of said fic(s); and title(s), if applicable.
3. Include a sample paragraph.
(4. Offer to swap plot bunnies)


I don't actually have that many works in progress because I tend to try and finish fics before starting others.

#1-NOVEL 2008-a/k/a When Your Lover Has Gone

All I can tell you right now is that it's a murder mystery, set in San Francisco and Southern California during the Summer of 2007. There's sort of a "All About Eve" sitution taking place in the piano bar scene and a sub-plot involving AllAboutMe.com, and amalgam of LJ/Myspace/Facebook etc, where a fandom based relationship has gone horribly awry and led to another murder. Or has it?

The bartender had been studiously pretending to ignore my ranting. Maybe he was taking notes for a doctorate on internet psychosis. Or maybe he was just watching the ballgame. Either way, he was ready as soon as Michael nodded his head and put up two fingers. I noticed some extra eye-contact going on and a few mutual once-overs. Michael was still young enough to play the game and Rafael was seriously hunk-a-delic, if you like the muscle-shirt, shaved head and goatee look.

#2-A Shot of the Needful

My very dark Jeevesfic-over a year in the works and still barely past 12 pages. I don't want to give away a lot of the plot but I will say that it forces the reader to look at the reality behind the Wodehousian fluff, including Jeeve's manipulation of Bertie's personal life.

The morning found me preparing the restorative beverage which would no doubt be required when Mr. Wooster was ready to face the light of day. The ringing of the door chimes interrupted my activities and I hastened to answer it, not wanting Mr. Wooster roused from slumber any sooner than necessary.

#3-Every Little Thing
John Barrowman/David Tennant RPS

Yeah, I suck. I'm eeeevil. No one's forcing anybody to read it, but my muse is forcing me to write it.

John’s voice had gone a bit husky too, he noticed, the smile not just warm and cocky, but somehow enticing, alluring. Their hands had moved closer to each other’s on top of the table and David felt the urge to look around again to make sure no one was watching even though there was nothing the slightest bit suspicious going on.
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