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Hair Day!

So the hair is in full flame to go with the Goddess Nails and waxed eyebrows. Sebastian is a genius. It's also flat smooth right now so I've got my Ann Margaret thing going on.

We were at the Mint by 3:00PM-Me, Sebastian, Brendan, Kimi, David O, his boy Craig, Daddy Dave, Jim the Bartender, hannahorlove, The Donald, and Giovanni.

Hannah gave up her Karaoke virginity by getting on stage and singing "Life on Mars?" YAY HANNAH!!!

I was talking to Giovanni and mentioned Barrowman and it turns out he LOVES Torchwood (and really loves Ianto) but didn't even know that John was a singer. I've sent an email with links to enlighten him. Now I can count three Barrowmaniacs among my karaoke kronies. (David O, Giovanni, and Ben the Bartender.)

Interestingly, he hasn't seen Season 1 past the first four episodes, so he didn't see Cyberwoman, Greeks Bearking Gifts etc. He likes Jack/Ianto, but mostly, I think, for the OMG MEN KISSING factor and doesn't hate Gwen. Thinks she's cute and admits that Jack seems as interested in her as he is in Ianto. Also thinks Rhys is cute.

I attempted a Barrowmania conversion at the nail place yesterday with a girl who was reading Details magazine with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers on the cover with that oh-so-unfortunate mustache. She said she just broke up with a guy who looks like him. I tried to sell her on the gorgeousness of Mr. Barrowman using the autographed picture as visual aid, but she seemed unconvinced.

Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa-Gene Pitney
The Wonder of You-Elvis Presley
Sign of the Times-Petulia Clark
Teacher's Pet-Doris Day

Brendan wanted me to sing "Georgy Girl" but I ran out of time.
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