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Promises, promises.

Happy Torchday, everybody!

I will not read ANY review or reaction posts for Torchwood until I actually see the episode!

(And this time I really, really mean it!)

Based on what I have heard, I'm looking forward to the episode. It seems to have a lot of Ianto, but not Jack/Ianto and I'm fine with that.

AND if it goes the other way, I will not let myself get so consumed with hatred that I spend two weeks obsessively writing subversion fic.


I will try to curtail the stress-eating that's gone out of control the last couple of days. I mean shoveling Jelly Bellys in my face at a frantic pace accompanied by bags of chocolate covered yummies is just not a good thing.

Yesterday I walked to work and today I went to the gym where I did 15 minutes on the Evil Step Monster and some freeweights. Must do a treadmill work out tomorrow.

I had a really nice lunch today-as in actually getting out for a change-Chicken Udon. YUMMY


NOVEL 2008. It's been getting ignored lately and I'm telling myself just wait till Maui, but I need to put in some serious time on it just to get back in the groove. It's strange that I'm dawdling because I'm on the verge of the BIG HOT SEX SCENE and for some reason I seem to be reluctant to write it. Considering just how Sue-ish the set up is (for me) at that point, I can't imagine why I'm holding back. Weird.


There's still a large stack of fanfic I'm trying to read and comment on with stuff on it that's over a month old. I SUCK! Some of that might have to wait until Maui as well. Sorry guys. That three day weekend we had in January was a killer. I'm also committed to reading at least one story by everyone who participated in my "support group" thread on yuletide and some of those puppies are LONG, although many of them are brilliant. There was a Children of Men backstory fic that absolutely blew me away, but it was over 20 pages long and demanded serious attention.
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