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Another Kiss meme ficlet--Ianto/Kutner

From the notorious Kiss meme , another one that outgrew the comment box.

Ianto/Kutner requested by silver_fic, so don't blame me:

Some date this was turning out to be. He would have been better off in an empty office. At least then he’d have Jack to himself.

When they were alone together, Jack Harkness had the most amazing ability to make Ianto feel as though he were the only person in the world, even when he was asking him to pretend he were someone else. Out in public, in a bar, surrounded by a far too muscular bar-tender and hordes of attractive men and women in various groupings, Ianto was starting feel invisible.

Not even Jack’s possessive arm around his waist with a hand settled firmly against his hip, could compensate for Jack’s wandering attention, his obvious interest in the bar-tender and every other pretty thing that caught his eye. It was one thing to hear Jack’s endless jokes about conquests gone by, but standing here, knowing that Jack was capable of swanning off for a quickie with any one of them and expecting good old Ianto to be waiting with kisses when he got back, was more than he could bear.

For the moment, Jack’s gaze was focused on a group of three at a table on the other side of the bar. There were a man and a woman, both of exceeding blondeness. Ianto could practically read Jack’s rather repulsive thoughts about the possibility of having both of them. The two were clearly a couple, everything about their body language said it. His arm on her shoulder, the looks they exchanged, and specifically the distance physical and emotional between them and the younger man seated at the table as well. The outsider. The one being ignored, even though he was clearly holding forth, at length about something of interest only to himself.

Not an unattractive fellow, Ianto thought to himself. Somewhat exotic looking, with dark skin, and a broad nose. Not like Lisa. More Indian, maybe Pakistani. Perhaps a colleague of some kind. He saw the ubiquitous labels pinned to various labels. Despite his time in the Tourist Information Office, he wasn’t sure when Cardiff had become such a popular convention destination. Probably while he was having his life taken over by Torchwood.

Jack was still looking intently at the couple, possibly not noticing the younger man at all, although to Ianto’s eyes he was the most intriguing of the three.

“Shall I do some reconnaissance, sir?” He asked, stepping out of the loose vestige of Jack grip.

“Sure, good idea.” The distraction was evident in his voice, as he watched the woman, lift a glass to her lips.

Ianto made his way through the crowd toward to the loo, taking just enough time to catch the dark-haired man’s gaze, on his way. The man seemed a bit slow on the uptake, only realizing that he was being looked at after it had happened, but he was certainly keen for it to happen again. Ianto could hardly the miss the almost puppy-dog like devotion with which he must have been watching the door waiting for him to come out and bestow another glance. The need for attention bordered on the pathetic and Ianto hoped against hope that his attitude toward Jack was quite that desperate, although he suspected otherwise.

He offered the young man a smile and a raise eyebrow and got a grin of over-whelming gratitude in return. Now he was close enough to read the name tags. Doctors. Naturally.
Attending a Cardiology Symposium. Whatever that was. The couple were Dr. Robert Chase and Dr. Allison Cameron and the third wheel was Dr. Lawrence Kutner.

Dr. Kutner. Prepare to be exploited.

There was a time he might have felt guilt, or even a qualm. That was all in the past. Before he gave his body and what was left of his soul to Jack Harkness and discovered just how hard he had to work for what little he got in return. It didn’t really matter whether Kutner liked men or not. Those ‘quaint little categories’ Jack liked to make fun of had also ceased to matter, although not in the way they didn’t matter to Jack.



“Dr. Kutner?”

“Yeah. How’d you know?”

Ianto tried not to roll his eyes as he indicated the prominent name tag, and took any bite out of the gesture with a smile and an offer to buy a drink for the table which came to involve getting Kutner away from his companions as they went to the bar. With the slightest prodding, his new friend was willing to carry on at length about the symposium, the hotel they were staying at, his boss, and something he’d heard about weird phenomena that occurred in Cardiff and the next day he was going to get away from the “bullshit medical stuff” and go on a “Alien Tour.”

Jack would have to hear about that, but more importantly, a glance back at the table, confirmed that Jack was watching him and not the couple at the table, possibly because he’d managed to surreptitiously put a hand on his shoulder in order to make sure they could hear each other above the increasing din of the bar.

At this proximity, it was difficult not to notice the warmth of Kutner’s eyes, and the fullness of his lips. Another look over his shoulder. Jack staring at him. Good. Kutner rambling on about Area 57 and various conspiracy theories. No wonder Chase and Cameron had lost interest. Ianto wasn’t even listening, but he was certainly focused, waiting for just the right moment, a slight pause in the monologue, a question and a lean forward. There it was and Ianto took full advantage, pulling the surprised doctor in a full embrace, and kissing him, as though they were long-lost lovers finally reunited, as if he didn’t care what ramifications the action would have for the young man, which he didn’t and as if he had no concern for anybody who might be watching which he most certainly did.

Suprisingly enjoyable. For a second, he actually saw what Jack got out of the random encounters that caused Ianto such misery to contemplate. The soft lips against his, the moment of surprise and fear and realisation that he was kissing a man in public and the man wasn’t about to let go so he might as well give in and enjoy it. He vaguely hoped that Cameron and Chase wouldn’t make his life too miserable, but honestly, he didn’t give a damn.

“All right, that’s enough.”

Took him long enough. The bastard had probably been enjoying things a little too much, but that was part of the plan as well.

Kutner looked absolutely mortified as well as scared to death. Jack must be giving him the look.

“Oh my god. I’m sorry. I don’t. What the…who…I….I need to….get back.”

“Yeah. You need to get back. Now!”

“Right yeah, bye.”

He watched Kutner scurry back to the table to try and explain what had just happened or maybe to spend the rest of his life trying to forget it. Not his problem, his problem, if you could call it that, was Jack, clearly pissed, possibly aroused, ready to take him back to the Hub and make him pay for this little stunt. The hand gripping his shoulder promised a long, deliciously painful night ahead.

“OK, Ianto, you wanted my attention. You got it. Let’s get out of here.”

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