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Two weeks to Maui!

But life is OK today, having survived the shit-storm that was the Desk of Doom.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the weather is nice as long as you can avoid the arctic micro-climates that pop up in the shady patches.

I did an hour of hill-run/walking this AM, although my Ipod has gone missing and I had to borrow hubby's, which has way more instrumentals on it than mine and more classical as well. Kind of sleepy, but I wasn't going for any speed records, so no big deal. I'm going to psych out my Ipod by getting some AA batteries and pretending that I'm going back to my Sony Walkman. That should scare it out of its hidey hole.

Then he we Chow for bruch which as close to perfection as a brunch can get that doesn't involve bed and foot-rub. We stopped by Mission Dolores on the way home so hubby could take some pictures. Despite the large chunks of change spent recently on the digital camera and accoutrement, he's actually spending more time with the Hasselblad. (Camera will junkies will understand that while the rest of us just glaze over.)

I love living so close to a real historical site, which is actually more than just a tourist trap. Plus the side street next to it is Chula, which since my indoctrination into Dr. Who and Capt. Jack, always makes me smile.

We stopped by Faye's Video and picked up Serenity. We've finished all the Firelfy episodes and now just need to watch the movie. I'm not sure I'm as gung-ho as some of the Firefly fans (or even my husband strangely enough) but feel free to add Firefly as well as Heroes to the list of Fandoms you can ask me to write for memes and stuff.

Juno is now playing at the Roxie, just around the corner, so I think we're going to see that this afternoon.

Tell me again how anyone can be blessed enough to live in San Francisco (assuming money and shelter) and not be happy to look out their window every day?
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