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Well that was fun...

I honestly didn't think it would get linked out of my LJ. Oh well. I think everyone pretty much behaved themselves and so far we haven't hit Fandom Wank or invoked the Nazi Rule. Life is good.


Dinner last night at Il Cantuccio with our friend Jean. Just a lovely, lovely person, who Hubby has known since nursing school. She's off to Tibet/Nepal/India etc etc in a few weeks.

Came home and watched Serenity, so now we've scene the whole Firefly series and the movie. I haven't built any strong ships/OTPS or favorite characters. I can't look at Simon Tam without thinking "Joaquin Phoenix" and I generally don't like River, but there are reasons for that beyond anything on the screen.

I think my favorite thing about the show as a whole was seeing Ron Glass back on screen and having a ball. I was a big Barney Miller fan back in the day.


Mint fun:

I now have three hard-core Barrowmaniacs among my Mint friends and two of them were there today.
Last week I found that Giovanni was a TW fan, but had NO IDEA about John's singing. I made sure we fixed that problem and now he's right on board and Ben the Bartender is rabid as well. I want my damn toaster oven, folks.

Since it was a Daddy and Ben night at the Mint we got some culture in the form of Irish Love Poems read by Ben.

Hung out with John (older guy, haven't seen for a while) Nobe (ditto) George & Kitty, Brendan, Sebastian (heading for Mexico next week.) Rob (token straight guy), and some others.

Song list:
The Wonder of You-Elvis Presley
Can I Steal a Little Love-Frank Sinatra
Walking Back To Happiness-Helen Shapiro (I haven't sung it for a while and there was a part of the melody I had totally forgotten. I butchered it.)
Sunset Boulevard-John Barrowman (for Giovanni)

My friend Dean who works for my agency at a difference account stopped by to bitch for a bit.


Came home a cooked a steak for hubby and watched A Day in the Death off the Tivo. Hubby insisted
I shut up with comments about Ianto's self-righteousness and GDL's jawline, but did agree with me about the brilliant of Burn's acting and the vast improvement of special effects over the previous week. I also spoke with Ivan today was watched Dead Man Walking and Day in The Death and wanted to RAVE about Burn's acting. The Burn love around here is nearly total, although back at the Mint both Ben and Giovanni are Ianto fans, if not J/I fanatics. I think as gay men the whole OMG M/M kissing thing is pretty potent for them.

Now watching the Ninth Gate. Johnny Depp and Lena Olin in the same movie? HELLO!!!


Steve is off next week, so I'll be in with Lucy. I love Lucy (had to say it) but I hope she's up to a week on the account.
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