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Congratulations (and Jubilations) to Floyd Landis

Way to go dude! And thanks so much for letting me be able to watch the last stage and enjoy the spectacle. I got interested bike racing two years ago. Those were the last two Lance
years and I couldn't stomach the whole "coronation" thing because I hated Lance with the white hot heat of a thousand blazing suns. Not saying he's not a great athlete and didn't deserve to win, just saying I hate him and couldn't stomach all the "rah rah USA USA!" b.s. And the arrogance. And the sight of Sheryl Crow with Lance's kids after he dumpted the wife who went through hell to have the kids for him after the cancer. But anyway...

I started out thinking Landis was just this goofy guy who didn't have a chance and then .... Everything Happened and it was the most exciting up and down amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. Thank god for TiVo, I was able to watch all the stages without actually have to get up at those ungodly hours. I was able to love every stage and care about Landis, but also not be 100% percent invested in any one rider or team. I must say I was pretty happy to notice that without Lance, Discovery pretty much fell apart, especially Hincappie toward the end.
So much excitement. So many great stories. It's like I love all these guys. (Except Discovery and I was OK with Eckimov (sp?) getting to lead the peloton onto the Champs Elysees.) Thor and Robbie and Carlos and Michael and the other Michael and Axel (he made Daddy so proud) etc etc etc.

So I guess I should at least thank Lance for retiring and letting me enjoy the tour this year. As a foolish woman once said "All this hate. It's toxic."
So again-Congrats to Floyd and good luck on your hip replacement. Hope to see ya next year, but if you don't make it back and a European actually wins again, that would be cool too.

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