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Torchwood babble for "Adrift"

Just as well I had to wait a few days. If I'd seen this while the J/I folks were completely ga-ga over IT, I would have been much nastier. As it is, I'm fairly kind to Ianto. BUT you know how I feel about Jack/Ianto, as well as how much I don't hate Gwen so....

Great opening. And nice first scene with Gwen and Andy. I have no problem with him having a crush on her. It was pretty obvious back in the first and 2nd episodes. Once again, a show about the strange and creepy gets it best when it’s just two human-beings interacting like people with history who happen to be in a strange and creepy situation, like the Gwen/Rhys fight in “Meat.”

“What’s your mate Mulder doing there?” HEE!

“Weevil hunting with Ianto.” Whatever. (Although…see previous canon-subversion story, based on what I knew about the ep before seeing it.) Always nice to see Jack with his gun though.

OK, Andy, enough with the passive/aggressive bullshit.

Mom is heart-breaking. Reminds me of stories my father told me from when he was interviewing travel agents in the 70’s and even early 80’s and some of them were parents or families of Vietnam MIAs. However, at some point in the scene I thought she was going to break out into “Did he need a stronger hand, did he need a lighter touch…” (Sorry, too many show-tunes stuck in my head.)

You know, at certain point the focus on Gwen/Rhys sex life is starting to feel like as much gratuitous over-kill as every the references and innuendo about Jack/Ianto. I wonder if that’s deliberate equivalence between the so-called happy het couple and the gay one?

YAY TOSH! But…”What if the rift also takes?” Well that’s kind of been established when Diane flew away no? Did Owen actually say, “The rift took my lover?”

“Whatever you think is best.” –Aside from plot-point, why is Tosh deferring to Gwen? Residual obedience from Gwen’s days running the team? Acknowledgement that she’s now 2nd in command?

I love Tosh/Gwen as Cagney/Lacey. Also, pictures on the wall reminiscent of Gwen’s collage for Karys in Day One.

Interesting looks between Gwen/Ianto in the “Jack acts like a bastard scene.” I’m developing a canon subversion theory even more evil than “Jack wants Gwen” (Which he does.)

Gwen/Rhys fight. Another gut-wrencher. Kudos to Kai Owen. But Gwen is already gone. Whether or not there’s ever “real” Jack/Gwen….it’s all there. “We won’t last very long.”

Especially since we go from there to THE SCENE!!! Where Jack is pretty explicit about wanting her for a threesome, which I’ve been saying for weeks! Jack’s sex-face is nice to see, but Ianto’s presence pretty much killed my squeeee for the sex itself. I did like Jack’s easy swagger as he talked to Gwen in his bare chest with his pants on the verge of falling off.. The only thing I didn’t call right is that Ianto seems to be better with the idea than I thought. There’s a reason he’s told her all about the rubbish manners and the other details he’s been sharing. I thought it was partially to warn her off, but maybe it’s something else.

“He cheats, he always cheats.” It ain’t just hide and seek. (Thanks louiseroho.)

Package on your desk. Yeah. I knew it.

ANDY YOU SCHMUCK!!!! Why does everybody (except Rose the 2nd time) fall for that trick?

Gorgeous scenery---and yeah hllangel, lovely music.

“He knows we’ll always forgive him.” Don’t we all?

Sorry kids, when John & Eve get intense with each other, there’s nothing like it. (Except John & David. John & GDL?---I ain’t seen anything like that yet.)

Jonah! OH. MY. GOD. Spoilers, reviews and all, I didn’t see that coming. Whoah!

“If you’d lost someone, wouldn’t you want to know.” OK, badly written in terms of what Gwen should already know or assume about Jack’s life, but she can still get to him. And touch him. Literally.

Interesting repetition. Gwen/Jonah hands. Gwen/Nickie hands. I know from the spoilers it’s going to end badly, but I also think that RTD sees her as the “humanity.”

I could seriously have lived without the Elephant Man sounds. Is that the moral here? Rift victims are not animals? The way the place was shot I’m also getting a bit of outrage about convalescent hospitals, mental institutions etc. RTD saying we shouldn’t treat people this way? In which case they’re saying Jack is wrong. Which he’s been before but as always…we forgive him.

TWENTY HOURS!!!!! I realize this is where it’s supposed to be all sad and horrible and I’m supposed to hate Gwen for making things worse. But I’m just not buying it. Twenty hours? Sure. The reunion was moving, but they just pushed it too far for me to stay emotionally invested. Twenty hours? All of them? Sure. Definitely just another after-school special about the horrors of mental-health care.

Sorry, Nickie. You wanted to know. Don’t be getting all up in Gwen’s face now cos you don’t like what you found out. And your “moving” parallel montage don’t impress me either.

Jack’s watching Gwen!

Gwen/Rhys sweet, but still. Jack was watching Gwen. Ianto gave her the package---discuss the possibilities of evil!Ianto trying to make sure Gwen won’t trust Jack or in some way create a rift between them, vs Ianto thinks Jack is Wrong, vs Ianto is on the I Heart Gwen bandwagon.

Off to watch Fragments. OMG-Jack in sideburns. Hee.
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