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Torchwood Babble-Fragments

The usual warnings, for the usual reasons.

Great opening. With a few exceptions, the show does these bits beautifully.

Jack/Tosh – YAY! I do love them together and would be happy to ship them given half a chance. See, I’m NOT a Jack/Gwen shipper. Just a Jack/Anybody But Ianto shipper. Owen/Ianto back in Starsky & Hutch mode. Sweet! (Hi kohlrimmedeye!)

KABOOM! (Best explosion since Martha Jones’ apartment went bye-bye.)

1392 deaths earlier. Hee. Does that include the ones inflicted by the Master during the Year That Never Was or do those not count?

OH! Impalement. Yucky. (Kind of like that stray javelin?)

Like the Victorian ladies. And Omni-Jack. The guy without a mouth, I assume was an alien. Plus, at least allowing that he’d do the ladies.

Jack being tortured. Which raises the question about “Once upon a time I was pretty good at torture.” Was he a Torchwood torturer or is it part of the Time Agency period? I really really really want to know.

I’m dubious about the sideburns. They look at bit fluffy at the sides, and I suppose I’m lucky they didn’t go for full mutton-chops. Definitely not in love with the cape on the coat, but of course he’d need it to blend in at the point. Laughing my ASS off at the blow-fish. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!

And creepy tarot girl. Excellent.

OH YEAH BABY!!! JACK IS ALL ABOUT THE DOCTOR!!! That’s my OTP! So much pain. So much love.

Time line problems, though. Did he take time off from Torchwood to fight World War I, World War II, fall in love with Estelle, and do what ever he was doing in India in 1909?

Poor Alex. Who ever he is. Beautiful scene. Not liking the tan vest so much.

Gwen & Rhys to the rescue. I guess Gwen never mentioned the whole “can’t die” thing, when she was telling him the other stuff.


Boooooo! I hate it when people are mean to Tosh. And I love Tosh’s mum! So double boooooo for hurting her. Bastards! On the other hand, Unit’s ideas on civil rights don’t seem that different from Torchwood’s based on Jack’s treatment of Beth in Sleeper.

YAY! Jack flirting with Tosh. OK, please, give me canon Jack/Tosh and I’ll drop my anti-Ianto vendetta. Really. I promise.

“Aww, baby, you’re good.”

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I swear to god, this is having the effect on me that the greenhouse wanking had on the J/I shippers. I’m practically…well, anyway. That’s what sexy!Jack looks and sounds like. He doesn’t need to be nekkid and grunting. That’s the guy who looked at Rose Tyler like he couldn’t wait to get her into a bed or up against the nearest horizontal surface. That’s my Captain Jack Harkness.

I wonder if Tosh’s whole crush on Owen, clearly self-destructive behavior, is a symptom of PTSD, guilt or both.

Ianto!hate alert!

Oh look. Ianto. Whiney. Annoying. Stalking. Pudgy. Lying. Ianto. God I love watching Jack reject and push him away, even if I know it’s not going to last. I could watch that forever.


Still not crazy about the combat photographer vest.

Catching the pterydactyl scene is not as cute as many people seem to think. Or the end-bit as sexy. (Although that’s probably the hate-talking.)

So unless there’s another melt-down coming in the finale, THE KISS was shot for Adam and those of us with weak stomachs were spared. OR it’s the kiss from TTYL which didn’t exactly look like a melt-down/comfort scene at all.

I still loathe the idea that Ianto managed to put one over on Jack. Even when Jack is horny, he still out-thinks anyone. He WAS a con-man for crying out loud. I guess it has to be the same blindness that let him not see that Suzie was bat-shit crazy, but still. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

However, while I’m musing about my soon to be OTP of Gwen/Ianto---they both (for different reasons) came after Torchwood instead of vice versa, although Ianto begged to work for Torchwood as opposed to Gwen being asked to replace Suzie. I promise, there is going to be a canon-subversion Ianto/Gwen fic that will PISS everybody off, as soon as I have time to write it.

Thank GOD, no “hugging, kissing, thank god you’re ok” as soon as Gwen was gone, or while she was there for that matter since she seems privy to everything. I think if they’re trying to sell the WUV, they should have had something like that, so I’m kissing the writer for NOT having it. Still no love. No joy. Not even passion. End Ianto!hate alert.

Owen!Gush alert.

OH YUM. Sexy Owen in a blue button-down shirt and an OPEN TIE!. Be still my beating heart and someone get me some screen caps. And even sexier in the buttoned up look. Ianto looks good in a suit? NOTHING compared to Owen. NOTHING, I tell you.

Burn acting the hell out of Owen’s pain.

OH FUCK!!!! Brain-eating alien. EWWWWWWWW!!!! (Especially when I have that “lost in a place you know” feeling A lot.)

Instant Jack/Owen chemistry, BTW. (Nothing says “I want to shag you” like a bit of chloroform. Or letting someone beat the crap out of you and lie on top of you. And cradling the back of their head. Now that was an intense, sexy scene. I swear, this whole episode is like a fucking thesis on why Jack should be with Anybody But Ianto, just for pure chemistry, charisma, hotness, character development etc.

“Your life doesn’t end with her.” GUH. The voice. The LOOK! Gimme some lovin’

Gorgeous scenery in the background and is it just my perversion to be incredibly turned on by the body type discrepancy between Jack and Owen, especially with Jack in coat and Owen in suit. (I want more suit!Owen, damnit!) And Jack’s hands ALL OVER Owen’s shoulders and back. FUCK YEAH!

So much for all my “how Owen nearly lost his medical licence" fanon, but it’s worth it to see Jack with both hands on Owen’s shoulders. Sexy as hell, people. Ianto, who? End Owen!Gush alert

And…..the return of Captain John Hart and oh is he pissed. Hehehehehehe.


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